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About BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not a single software program or suite, but a software collaboration to record a digital representation of a building’s entire ‘life cycle’, including its 3D design, manufacture, construction processes, even through to its final demolition.

BIM encapsulates all manner of information to become a shared resource for any construction professional to call upon or contribute to:

  • building geometry
  • spacial relationships
  • geographic information
  • material details & quantities (known as ‘5D’)
  • building components

The BIM working process benefits architects, engineers, manufacturers and developers alike, as information within the BIM can be used for:

  • visualisation (for client presentations or checking)
  • build sequencing (known as ‘4D’ to aid construction)
  • building analysis (lighting, acoustics, solar energy)

Ultimately, BIM coordinates and improves the chain of working processes throughout a buildings’ life cycle:

  • eliminating multiple inputting of data
  • providing one resource for retrieval of information
  • coordinating construction documents reducing errors

Both hsbCAD and Consultec has the function to interact with software such as databases and engineering programs to contribute towards a comprehensive BIM resource.

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