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Alpine AiMS Central

AiMS Central is the first and only system to provide a fully integrated software package for the home-worker and travelling salesman. It can provide the same functionality using the same live jobs that you have at the office. No confusion with replication conflicts or copying jobs from one PC to another.


There is no need to copy jobs to and from the server which saves you time.

For fabricators who have more than one site AiMS Central is the ideal solution as every site can connect to any job this saves time trying to get the correct files.

When software updates are released we ask you to put the update CD in the server and we update the software for you. This is done by one of our technical team remotely connecting to your server and is completed in a matter of minutes.


Log onto the office network using an internet connection, and work from anywhere.

There is no need for fast workstations because we use the server to host the information. This saves money on expensive upgrades.


AiMS Central is secure and reliable because it takes advantage of Microsoft’s most successful platforms.
AiMS Central has been designed to run on Microsoft Terminal Services which gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

The software and all the jobs are stored on the network with a secure regular backup.

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