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Alpine CRM

The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a toolbox for managing your customer information.

Log customer communications
Whether it's a letter, email, phone or fax you can log all communications in the CRM. These communications are vital pieces of information and gives you piece of mind that you can view any communication log at any time. The CRM comes with an “Outlook” style calendar which can support a variety of different events. All Day Events, Multiple Day Events and Specific Time From/To Events are all possible in CRM.

Manage leads
The leads area of the CRM allows the user to track and manage all potentials Leads relating to the business. Instead of offering a direct search function, the Leads section provides a powerful filter system which allows for complex searching through any leads which are found in the system.

Marketing Support
The Marketing section of CRM allows for the tracking and management of mailshot and PR activity. Via a toggle interface, the marketing is separated into these two distinct sections – mailshots for things like newsletters and flyers, and PR for any other promotional materials. Responses to your marketing activities can be tracked and measured, from which the success of particular campaigns can be concluded.

Segment your customers and prospects
In every area of CRM there is a customer filter toolbar on the left hand side of the application. This provides functionality to segment customers into manageable lists.

Key Performance Indicators and the Dashboard
The dashboard is shown when the CRM system is first started and displays your current tasks and upcoming appointments. Down the left side the user can create tasks, leads and appointments. Across the bottom the user can show lead information and various key performance indicators (KPI). As standard there are a number of general KPI charts available, showing information on the values or numbers of quotes, orders, call-offs and invoices per month.

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