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Duo-Fast plastic coil system

The safest, cleanest and most productive nailing system. In-line production and quality control are key features of ITW’s European manufacturing of these fasteners to ensure the consistent high performance that minimises line downtime and expensive remedial work.

Plastic coil collation
The unique Duo-Fast 0° plastic coil collated nail system is developed for construction and industrial applications. The Duo-Fast system delivers significant advantages in terms of productivity, quality and cost efficiency.

Nails up to 75mm long are collated on coils of 325 nails, providing a high degree of autonomy. For automated tools, such as our Toolmatic CT550, larger coils are available, resulting in even longer intervals between re-loading.

Quality and safety
This method of collation ensures the high quality corrosion protection is not damaged by any violent process (like welding) and independent salt spray tests show the nails can last 15 times longer before showing signs of rust compared to the wire welded equivalent. When using inferior wire-welded coil nails, shards of welding wire can fly loose causing injury to the operator or be trapped under the nail head, potentially tearing sheeting material. The collation process is equally suitable for hot dip galvanised and stainless steel nails, again without damaging their corrosion resistance.

Cost efficiency
The precision moulded plastic tape collation transports extremely well with no production halts due to misaligned nails as is often the case with wire welded coils.

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