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Duo-Fast plastic strip nailing system

Flexible, strong plastic used in the collation of the thermoplastic strip won’t allow the strip to break apart, even in extreme conditions. Centred nails allow uninterrupted operation. Plastic collation allows for full round head nails and is weather resistant.

In-line production and quality control are key features of our European manufacturing of these fasteners to ensure the consistent high performance that minimises line downtime and expensive remedial work.

These tools have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of pre-fab frame production. As well as being used manually they can easily be fitted onto automated lines.

This tool range has been completely updated in the last few months. As well as the new DFSN90.1 and DFSN100.1 fully launched in the UK this year, we offer to special order our RN130 / RN160 and RN220 nailers manufactured primarily for the German market. These tools are capable of fixing nails up to 130mm, 160mm and 220mm long respectively. We believe there will be growing requirements for these longer nails with timber frame structures getting larger and insulation getting thicker.

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