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First step to automation

The benefits of automating timber frame production lines are very clear; improved quality and consistency with higher throughput. However capital cost of automation equipment and the need to re-organise factory layouts and procedures are the main barriers to change - not for the Toolmatic Ergoliner and Speednailer!

The Ergoliner and Speednailer tools from ITW Industry provide a first step towards automation at a low cost, and can often be incorporated into the production process with very little modification of the factory layout. In return they ensure that fasteners are correctly spaced and contribute to health & safety by eliminating the need for operators to climb onto panels or fire tools in awkward positions.

The Ergoliner consists of a pneumatic nailer mounted on a wheeled lightweight frame guided along the edge of panels or cassettes, which fastens at predetermined intervals. It is particularly suited to floor and roof cassettes where the supports to be fastened to are parallel to the bottom and top rails. The Ergoliner has been marketed for several years on the continent and is most commonly fitted with a Duo-Fast CNP65 plastic coil nailer, but can also be fitted with other nailers or staplers.

The Speednailer comprises of a pneumatic nailer fitted into a frame with a pole, which is then simply pushed along a profiled track. Fastening points are set along the track to trigger the tool. This tool is particularly suited to the fabrication of timber frame panels, where the supports run at 90° to the top and bottom rails. The Speednailer has proved very popular in France and again, is most commonly fitted with a Duo-Fast CNP65 nailer with other options available.

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