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European standards

Relevant to engineered floors
EN 14080 - Product Requirements For Glued Laminated Timber
EN 14374 - Product Requirements For Laminated Veneer Lumber

Relevant to all timber engineering sectors
EN 1995-1.1 - (Eurocode 5: Part 1.1) - Structural Timber Design
EN 1995-1.2 - (Eurocode 5: Part 1.2) - Design For Fire
EN 14081 - Product Requirements For Rectangular Solid Timber
prEN 14592/14545 - Product Requirements For Timber Fasteners/Connectors
prEN 14732 - Product Requirements For Prefabricated Floor, Wall and Roof
prEN 15228 - Product requirements for preservatively treated structural timber
BS EN 14250 - Product Requirements For Prefabricated Structural Members Assembled With Punched Metal Plate Fasteners  

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Scope: Minimum requirements for the production, strength determination and marking of glued laminated timber.

Status: Published as BS EN 14080:2005.

Comments: BS EN 14080 was finally published at the end of 2005, and thereby became the controlling standard in Europe for the production, grading and marking (CE or otherwise) of glulam.


Scope: Minimum requirements for production, strength determined and marking of LVL.

Status: Published as BS EN 14374:2004

Comments: This is the first standard to be published covering LVL, structural LVL needs to comply with the requirements of this standard, and can then be CE marked.

EN1995-1.1 (Eurocode 5:Part1.1)

Scope: European rules for the design of structural timber elements

Status: Published as an BS EN 1995:2004+A1: 2008

Comments: Eurocode 5 is still expected to become mandatory across Europe in March 2010. All work within BSI is now aimed at laying the foundation for the huge change in design practice that will take place when the Eurocodes do come into force. Ammend in 1998.

EN1995-1.2 (Eurocode 5:Part1.2)

Scope: European rules for the fire resistance, integrity and insulation of structural timber elements exposed to fire.

Status: Published as an BS EN 1995 - 1-2: 2004.

Comments: The "Fire Part" of Eurocode 5 can now be used as an alternative to BS 5268 Part 4 to determine the fire resistance of timber constructions. Unfortunately it will generally provide worse answers than we can currently justify. A UK National Annex to accompany EN 1995-1.2 will be published on the same timescales as that for Part 1.1.

EN 14081

Scope: Minimum requirements for the production, strength grading and marking of structural timber

Status: Recently published as BS EN 14081

Comments: Part 4 of this standard continues to be amended as machine grading settings for new grading machine types, and species/grade combinations become approved by the relevant CEN working group for publication.

prEN 14592/14545

Scope: Minimum requirements for the materials, geometry, strength determination, corrosion protection, marking and quality control of all timber fasteners used throughout Europe.

Status: Published as BS EN 14592:2008 and BS EN 14545:2008.

Comments: Controlling standards in Europe for the materials, geometry, strength determination and marking (CE or otherwise) of all structural fasteners used in timber construction such as nails, staples, screws, bolts, and nailplates for example.

prEN 14732

Scope: Minimum product requirements for the production, quality control and marking of all nailed or glued prefabricated timber elements (including timber framed wall panels).

Status: Working progress

Comments: The intention of this European Standard is to define product requirements for timber frame wall panels, floor cassettes and roof cassettes, and include production requirements and tolerances to complement the design provisions in Eurocode 5.

prEN 15228

Scope: Product requirements for preservatively treated structural timber

Status: Following the responses received to the 2nd Enquiry on this standard, the requirement to individually mark each piece of timber with the fact it has been preservatively treated has been dropped.

Comments: Marking of the fact the timber has been treated can now be done on the batch of timber rather than on each piece. This concession has re-ignited calls from some countries in Europe to signify the grade of the timber on a similar batch basis, rather than on each individual piece; a step which the UK is strongly opposed to. This debate will now take place within committee responsible for EN14081.

EN 14250

Scope: Product requirements for prefabricated structural members assembled with punched metal plate fasteners

Status: Following the circulation of a pre-enquiry re-draft of this standard earlier this year, a further re-draft is presently underway, for discussion within the committee responsible in early 2008. If the content of the re-drafted version of this standard can be agreed upon at that meeting, it is anticipated that the Enquiry stage will take place during mid 2008, with publication of the new version expected sometime in 2009.

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