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Fastening to steel

With the increasing use of steel frames in modular building and more frequent use of steel in timber frame construction, ITW Industry has focussed on speeding up the fastening process with pneumatic systems which are quicker than self drilling screws and rivets. These factory oriented systems complement the cordless SPIT P370 for site use.

For several years Haubold has been working on a system to provide the benefits of pneumatic fastening for attaching thin sheets of steel, aluminium or plastics to a steel / aluminium base. The objective was to provide the same quality of finish as that provided by rivets, bolts and screws, but without any need to pre-drill or access both sides of the joint. This objective has been achieved with the launch of BOLTECman as a hand held fastening system. The system has already been launched to the automotive industry, but also offers major speed, aesthetic and performance benefits to many applications in other industries, including;- modular building and also solar panel, container, white goods and steel door manufacturing.

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