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Gang-Nail Matrix

A management application that links all of the software products from Gang-Nail Systems. Roof & Truss, SpaceJoist, Framing and StairCon® are controlled in a single environment, that is used from project inception to completion and delivery to site. This .NET developed solution controls estimating, order processing and invoicing using central data source. With a fully integrated Customer Resource Management (CRM) module, Matrix combines all department and management data to provide real-time reporting.

This management application can help run overall businesses from one site to multiples which provides added value in sharing of critical data. Details of production capacities suited to each of the business functions assists in the procurement process of timber engineering requirements from personnel requirements, through to volume of stock required for job completion and dispatch.

Top Product Features:
• Access level for all or by department
•.NET application
• Microsoft® standard
• Web enabled
• Multiple offices/same data source
• Production & Delivery Planning
• Design Resource Planning
• Lack of repetition
 - Reduction in input
 - Immediate `real time' reporting
• Plot / phase call off ability
• Customer Resource Management (CRM)

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