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Gang-Nail Roof & Truss software

Gang-Nail structural Roof & Truss package, aptly named Roof & Truss is used for the design, detailing, estimating, manufacture and 3D visualisation of complex trussed rafter roofs.

Roof & Truss allows easy project control with all the trusses for one project being in the same project area. Trusses are on screen during the build and design process allowing ease of input. Trusses are colour coded depending on the design state to provide a clear understanding to the end user of the design stage. The program allows the user to input walls manually or by importing direct from the Framing software and then linking to standard roof templates and macros which in turn speeds up the overall design process.

Top Product Features:
• Pre-defined macros for common roof profiles
• Simple editing functions
• Full layout & detailing capabilities
• Real time 3D viewing
• Windows® based leading to quick learning
• Direct machine and saw links
• Integrated with Ecojoist® design software
• Links to Framing and Matrix
• Free viewing module for any client

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