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Haubold corrugated fastening system

With the introduction of three new corrugated fastener tools to the UK, all of which have proved extremely successful in Germany, we extend the capabilities of this fastening method to many more applications. The benefits can be considerable in terms of economy, safety and performance.

The Haubold Jumbo fastener is a 35mm wide corrugated fastener designed to join two OSBs (15mm + thick)  butted to one another without a batten, thus saving time, material and ultimately cost. The fixing can also be used to temporarily fix roof truss joints prior to pressing nailplates.

When fixed at 50-150mm spacing the Jumbo fastener achieves similar values to nails or staples with a batten.

The system has been tested in Germany under the strict control of VHT (the German body for independent testing and approval of building materials for timber construction), and has been granted the national German approval Z-9.1-608.  Furthermore, in  2007 the product won a German timber award for innovative products.

When constructing panels, operators sometimes attach noggins with nails by firing back towards themselves.  The use of Jumbo corrugated fasteners can eliminate this potentially dangerous practice.

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