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Cullen HUH Heavy Joist Hanger Playlist


Cullen HUH Heavy Joist Hanger

Cullen HUH Heavy Joist Hanger

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HUH Heavy Universal Hanger

Product description

The HUH is a new high load joist hanger used for any joist to joist or joist to trimmer application.  This joist hanger has been designed to do the job of the HI, HW and VHW combined.


  • One joist hanger can be used for I-joist, open web, glulam and LVL
  • One joist hanger solution for backer and backerless I-joists
  • Can be connected to hot rolled steel using powder actuated tools
  • 130 HUH joist hangers technically replace 512 existing hangers therefore, easier to order, pick and ship

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