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December 2015

Hundreds of toys donated to charity!

Hundreds of toys donated to charity!

ITW Construction Products & employees donate hundreds of toys to children’s charities

For a third year in a row, ITW Construction Products’ employees banded together to gift toys to children’s charities. This year, the company generously honoured a pledge to contribute an extra gift for every donation by their employees – culminating in a combined haul of 336 toys!





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November 2015

Cullen Hi-Vis Gripper: Innovation made to be seen

Cullen Hi-Vis Gripper: Innovation made to be seen

The ability to invent, envision and create something new is central to ITW Construction Products customer-backed innovation culture. Encouraging new ideas from housebuilders, fabricators, engineers and members of our own team and providing a supportive,  entrepreneurial framework, has produced our strong culture of sustainable differentiation through innovation.

In partnership with housebuilders, fabricators and installers, ITW Construction Products has gained a deep knowledge and understanding around their key needs and pain points, resulting in the development of an innovative I-Joist end seal.

For h...

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November 2015

Quinn’s long span SpaceJoists

Quinn’s long span SpaceJoists

Quinn Building Supplies Ltd of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland supplied 46 long span SpaceJoist open web joists for prestige fashion brand, Dunhill London’s factory refit in Walthamstow. 

Specified for their ability to span the expansive existing structure, low self-weight and ease of installation, these SpaceJoists with a clear span of 9 metres were retro-fit 200mm below the existing problematic roof of the old building. Decked with steel cladding and its own drainage system, the SpaceJoist construction now protects the workers and premium goods beneath it from on-going rain water leaks through the potentially hazardous...

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