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ITW (Illinois Tool Works) Inc. is a multi-billion dollar company with almost 100 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of a variety of products. These include fasteners, components, equipment and consumable systems, as well as a variety of speciality products for customers all around the world.

Proven strategies of increasing market penetration with product innovations, extending current products to new industries and acquiring businesses that improve customer offerings, provide the foundation for the organisation''s continued growth.

ITW''s financial performance is generated by some 840 decentralised business units, employing around 59,000 people in 57 countries. This, together with more than 5,000 different product lines, means ITW is well positioned to meet the challenges of today''s global market.

Overall success comes from the collective results of many different markets predominantly construction, automotive and food equipment. This mix of revenue provides stability during economic swings and helps to minimise the impact of country specific market cycles.

For almost a century ITW have been at the forefront of innovation. Typically, ITW are among the top 100 patent holders in the USA, possessing more than 14,000 unexpired and pending patent applications worldwide.

Marketplace experience, coupled with insights gleaned from partnerships with customers, helps to drive the acquisition process. ITW evaluate, and ultimately buy, companies with products that allow it to exceed customer expectations.

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Our commitment to EU Competition Law

ITW Limited and each of its business units in the United Kingdom (“ITW”), including ITW Construction Products, has a long tradition of establishing and complying with high standards of business behavior, standards which often exceed the applicable laws and regulations of those countries in which it operates. It has been and will continue to be the policy of ITW to comply with all applicable laws.

In the complex area of competition law, the Board of Directors of ITW has issued a Compliance Policy and Manual to help ITW personnel understand and comply with UK and EU competition laws. The Board of Directors and all employees of ITW share a commitment and a responsibility to compete fairly and honestly on the basis of price, quality and service, and in full compliance with law and with ITW’s competition policy.

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