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Haubold PN 29150 D

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Haubold long stapling

Following its success in Germany, the Haubold 29000 heavy duty stapler series is now available in the UK from ITW Industry. The pneumatic stapler has been developed for fast, cost effective installation of wood fibre insulation (up to 150mm thick) to timber frame studs to meet today’s stringent standards.

The Haubold 29000 series stapler design incorporates a unique internal guidance system to ensure staple legs remain parallel as they are driven into the material for consistent quality of fastening. Large capacity magazines hold up to 120 staples at a time to minimise reloading. The staple offers many advantages over conventional screwed fixings thanks to the fast and easy method of application and high withdrawal capacity. A staple will spread the load over the board surface causing minimal damage to the board face and enable fixings to be positioned closer to the board edge.

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