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Manufacturing capabilities

Over the last 100 years Haubold, Paslode and Duo-Fast have built reputations for supplying tools and fixings of outstanding quality to meet the needs of major industrial markets. These capabilities are now combined within ITW Industry

ITW Industry is committed to European manufacturing with three major fastener producing factories in Denmark, Spain and Czech Republic. Tools are manufactured in France and Germany, while connectors are made in the UK, Denmark and Finland.

Our quality and technical capabilities remain at the highest level thanks to our Wood Fastener Research & Development Centre in Denmark. The services of the ITW Tech Centre in Chicago are also at our disposal. ITW is proud to feature consistently on lists of the World’s top patent holders with over 21,600 current patents and pending applications.

We also work closely with Universities and technical institutes across Europe to provide an independent assessment of our products and develop a better understanding of the complex relationships between fasteners, connectors, timber, steel and masonry that create the structures we live and work in.

We believe that by maintaining our own European manufacturing capabilities we can safely ensure the levels of availability required in today’s fast changing marketplace, maintain the highest levels of quality and continually improve our products to best meet the needs of our customers.

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