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New Pusher technology

ITW have carried out extensive research and development to improve pneumatic fastening. The resulting nail pusher fastening technology provides:

  • Precise depth control of fastening to 0.1mm
  • A massive reduction in workplace noise levels
  • Improved air tightness for better thermal performance

Precision depth control
The Toolmatic Pusher incorporates a metal wedge which pushes the tool housing down to pinch the material together with the tool nose piece before the fastener
is driven to exactly the required depth. This controlled penetration ensures that the technical performance of the fastener meets the design specification.

Noise reduction
Operational sound volume is massively reduced, providing a significant improvement to the health and safety of the working environment.

Improved thermal performance
The two step fastening process first clamps the material, then the piston pushes the fastener home, helping to provide an air-tight panel and therefore improved thermal performance.

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