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ITW’s SpaceJoist Category C fire solution

Wednesday 6th April 2016

ITW’s SpaceJoist Category C fire solution

ITW Construction Products’ Research & Development team has developed a Category C open web floor solution which the Structural Timber Association (STA) has approved as an acceptable option in their Product Paper 4, the “goto-guide” for fire robust solutions during the construction process.

The STA has provided different levels of structural frame category types. These have been approved by the HSE and other authoritative bodies with the most robust category for timber frame being Category C. Design professionals, clients and constructors can now select open web joists using ITW’s SpaceJoist webs implementing the Category C solution in order to achieve a fully compliant floor and / or flat roof assembly.

During the construction process, reference to fire spread risk mitigation is found in the Construction Design Management Regulation (CDM 2015). CDM 2015 requires designers to ensure fire spread during construction does not cause safety risks to persons that may be affected by the construction works. As the regulations start to be adopted by the construction industry, design professionals will be able to specify ITW’s open web solution where Category C floors are required.

SpaceJoist Cat-C fire solution

Pinewood Structures Limited currently produce a significant number of timber frame structures which incorporate open web joists within the floor design. Nick Worboys, Pinewood’s Design Manager is delighted with ITW’s development and had this comment

“Increasingly customers require higher performance fire mitigation during the construction phase. To meet these requirements Pinewood Structures Limited selects materials in accordance with STA guidance. This often means the use of sacrificial boards to meet the fire mitigation requirements. This adds cost, increases the work content on site and then the boards have to be disposed of as waste, which further increases costs. By using ITW’s open web joist system, which meets Category C fire performance,Pinewood Structures Limited can reduce the use of, or eliminate the need for temporary fire mitigation in the areas where open web joists are used. This will potentially reduce cost and save time on future projects”

SpaceJoist Category C has been tested and approved using Paslode tools and 3.4 x 35 Square Twist Nails ETA 09/0273. This system provides clients with a reliable solution from a leading manufacturer.

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