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Case study: Truro Timber Frame Ltd’s fire treated Trefula House

Thursday 28th April 2016

Case study: Truro Timber Frame Ltd’s fire treated Trefula House

Thriving Cornish manufacturer, Truro Timber Frames Ltd supplied a fire treated extension kit with attic trusses to Trefula House Nursing Home in St Day. Once completed, the build will provide eight new residential rooms at ground level, with staff training rooms in the attic space above.

The roof trusses, spanning up to 8m, were CAD engineered with Alpine software and pressed with Gang-Nail plates supplied by ITW Construction Products. Together with the truss system, TTF take advantage of ITW’s brand portfolio by sourcing Cullen metalwork and Paslode fastening systems including PSTS Screws to fasten multiple trusses from the supplier – with the Trefula project as no exception.

On the ‘One Stop Shop’ offered by ITW, Managing Director Nick Winfield commented – “Buying all these different products from one supplier makes ordering so simple. We’ve used ITW as a supplier since we began trading in 2010 - in which time our confidence in product quality and customer service has grown thanks to their dependability.”

Truro Timber Frame Ltd’s fire treated Trefula House

With the attached nursing home remaining operational during construction, fire treated timber was specified to negate a 24 hour presence on site which would be otherwise required to spot and report potential fire before it can spread. TTF manufactured the kit with Crown’s Protim® Framegaurd® low pressure treated timber with an enhanced surface spread of flame performance level of class 2. The distinctive blue/green dye serves as an immediate visual identification of the treatment.

On the topic of fire in timber frame construction, Nick Winfield explains – “Thankfully we’ve never suffered an issue with fire on our projects. Although we fully appreciate the need to protect spread to neighbouring buildings from a chance mishap or even arson. With the treatments available today, timber remains a totally viable method of construction with the advantage of fast build times and great sustainability and thermal performance characteristics.”

Truro Timber Frame Ltd’s fire treated Trefula House

TTF’s willingness to take on all manner of projects, including the unusual, has been a factor in their success and rapid growth during their six year existence. Last year the company’s turnover doubled compared with figures from the previous year. Now bursting out of their second location since they were founded, Truro Timber Frames are expanding into a neighbouring factory to double the size of their site near Newquay. Plans for a new Hundegger saw will increase production capacity in answer to increasing demand.

For more information on Truro Timber Frames Ltd, visit or to find out more about how ITW Construction Products’ ‘one stop shop’ can benefit your offsite construction manufacturing business, call their Customer Service Team on 01592 771132.

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