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Paslode PL tape strip nailing system

The paper laminated (PL) tape collated nail strip will not break when dropped and will not deteriorate in wet weather. Also no collation material is left on the job site. PL-tape collation is driven into wood to reduce flagging. The D-head nail configuration allows for tight collation of the nails – more nails per strip, less down time.

In-line production and quality control are key features of our European manufacturing of these fasteners to ensure the consistent high performance that minimises line downtime and expensive remedial work.

The PSN90 and PSN100 have been designed to meet the needs of pre-fab manufacturing of frames and can also be used on automated production lines.

Our Powered Fastening Systems brochure details the products readily available from UK stock, but we can offer products from our broader European offers with short lead times through our commitment to manufacturing in Europe. For instance, RounDrive nails offered to suit our Impulse cordless tools can be supplied to suit our pneumatic PSN90 and PSN100 tools.  We also offer a wider range of nails with hot dip galvanised coatings or even in stainless steel A2 or A4 to provide the best levels of corrosion resistance, advisable for instance when fastening red cedar cladding.

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