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Corrosion protection

ITW Industry provide a very wide range of fasteners for exposure to a variety of environments and  meet the requirements of National, European and International building codes, particularly Eurocode 5.

Eurocode 5 sets minimum requirements for corrosion protection, which apply across Europe according to three Service Classes. These are primarily concerned with the moisture content of timber. It is essential to consider also the variations in environmental factors across Europe and more locally, particularly the differences between urban and rural locations, proximity to the sea and other aggressive atmospheres.

The top table identifies the anticipated life of each protective coating we offer, using the breakdown in ISO12944 Part 2 regarding the rate of corrosion experienced in these locations

The bottom table shows the colour code used on our product labels provides a quick, high visibility check that the appropriate finish is being used.

It is also necessary to consider wood treatments and wood species as these can react with different coatings. For instance, it is always recommended to use stainless steel fasteners to attach Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir cladding.

This information is given as a general guide. Our product specifications are subject to regular modification and improvement. Fastener selection must be made by a design engineer with a full knowledge of local conditions. Please contact us for more detailed information or advice.

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