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Pneumatic system

By combining the specialist capabilities of the Paslode, Duo-Fast and Haubold organisations ITW Industry is able to offer the widest range of pneumatic tools and fasteners, to meet the needs of various industry sectors across many application requirements. We strive continuously to improve our product offer;-

Duo-Fast 0° plastic coil nails and tools
Provide major safety, productivity and quality benefits. The KD665RN tool has recently been introduced to the UK, to fix plasterboard with special concave head nails which are designed to provide a solid fixing without ripping the cover paper and a better key for plaster skimming.

Paslode PL (paper laminated) tape nails and tools
Ideal tools for frame nailing. We are now able to offer the unique RounDrive nail, which provides a full round head offset from the nail shank. This maintains the PL tape benefit of close collation of nails whilst improving the final aesthetic of the fixing. The Toolmatic SP560 now allows RounDrive PL collated nails to be fixed on automated lines.

Duo-Fast and Haubold plastic strip nails and tools
In addition to the Duo-Fast Frame Nailers which utilise nails collated on thermoplastic strips for standard framing applications requiring nails up to 100mm long we can now supply Haubold RN130, RN160 and RN220 nailers which can fasten nails up to 220mm long.

Wire weld coil nails and tools
We now offer a 7 tool programme, including the new CN57E and CN70E models which are designed for continual use in such heavy duty applications as pallet manufacture. With the fitting of extra large coil magazines we can jig mount these to provide low cost automation solutions.

Paslode finish nailers and brads
We offer a comprehensive range of finish nail solutions from 14 guage to 18 guage, including both straight and angled magazine tools.

Staplers and staples
ITW acquired Haubold in 2007 in recognition of its leadership in creating innovative fastening solutions with staples and staplers, such as the PN29150D, designed to fasten wood fibre board up to 120mm thick with 150mm long staples. Haubold have pioneered the use of staples for applications such as sheathing and framing, proving that in many instances they provide a better technical solution than traditional nail solutions.

Haubold corrugated fasteners
In May 2007 Haubold won the German Timber Award for Innovative Building Products with the Jumbo corrugated fastener. This 35mm wide nailing device provides the opportunity to re-think the fastening process; making it safer, stronger and more economic.

Fastening to steel
With the introduction of the BOLTECman tool from Haubold, a whole range of new high speed fastening solutions become possible for steel to steel fixing.

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