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Powder Actuated Tool (PAT) system

SPIT started manufacturing powder actuated fastening systems more than 50 years ago, in Valence, France, where our dedicated manufacturing facilities continue to develop this versatile fastening system, capable of making strong attachments to both steel and concrete structures.

Heavy duty fastening power
The SPIT P370 provides a very fast and portable solution for fixing to concrete and steel, including the fastening of sole plates for timber construction. The powder charge actuates a piston which in turn hammers a drive pin through the attachment into the base material. This low velocity system minimises the risk of injury with a strict control of the exit velocity of the fastener.

SPIT P370 cartridges are supplied on unique 10 charge steel discs, providing the following advantages over plastic strip systems:

  • No wasted shots
  • No danger of plastic expanding or distorting when hot
  • The disc is completely enclosed within the tool cover

The SPIT P370 is the simplest and fastest PAT tool to maintain or repair. Because regular cleaning of PAT tools massively improves their performance and extends their life, we focussed on making the disassembly and re-assembly of this tool as simple as possible, without the need for special tools.  

The SPIT P370 can be supplied either as a single shot version or fitted with a 10 fastener magazine for the fastest operation. Specific drive pins are offered for fixing to harder concrete and construction steel. We also offer drive pins fitted with 14mm diameter steel washer for fixing more delicate attachments or to provide a higher resistance to pull over loads.

ITW Industry mobile support engineers train operators in the correct and safe use of the SPIT P370.

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