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Delivering the highest level of customer care is important to us, which extends to protecting your personal information online. Any cookies used on our site do not contain personally identifiable information about you. We do use cookies on our website to help make your visits more effective.

User registration requires storing of basic information such as an email address however this information will never be passed onto 3rd party companies.

ITW Industry may from time to time use your contact information to update you on product or brand news. It is possible to opt out of all communications by using the Unsubscribe link found at the footer of each email.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss any concerns please use the Contact Us link.

ITW Industry reserves the right to store basic details in areas such as the Contact Us or Search page to ensure that these tools are not used maliciously. Details will include date/time of use, IP Address and the contents of what was filled out in the form. This information is never used for anything other than the security of the website.


Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data created by a website and stored on your local device, which can be used for various different functions. This can range from storing user settings to enhancing user browsing experiences or simply allowing the user to remain logged in to a website.

Dependant on the web browser, a cookie is stored in a pre-defined and isolated location set by the browser itself which cannot be changed or influenced by the website. The contents of a cookie cannot carry viruses, trojans or other malware and are not executable in the sense that they cannot install anything on your device. They can however be used to track user activity across the internet.

For example if a user visits a Football Website which shows an advert for a Supermarket and then visits a Photography Website with more adverts from the same Supermarket - this Supermarket may have stored cookies on both occassions which they can then use to refine what adverts are shown to that user based on the knowledge the user likes football and photography. The Supermarket will not necessarily know who the user is unless the user is logged into their website as well.

The web browser allows the user full control over cookies such that particular websites can be blocked from storing them. The method of changing these settings is different depending on the browser itself, but disabling cookies can result in adverse effects such as websites not functioning correctly.

For example if the user visits the Football Website and tries to login to the user area, but has previously blocked the cookies for this website, the logon process will fail as the website cannot store essential data for the logon process.

The web browser is also responsible for handling cookie security. It should not allow Website A access to Website B cookies.

For more information on cookies please refer to the documentation on Wikipedia:

What cookies does the ITW Industry website store?

ITW Industry website cookies can be split into three categories - Essential, Non-Essential and Third Party.

Essential cookies are necessary in order for the website to function correctly. For example when logging into a website, a cookie is created to authenticate the user. This process would be difficult to handle any other way.

Non-Essential cookies are not necessary for the website to function correctly but may improve user experience whilst browsing the website. For example hiding certain content, or personalising the page. The user may wish to keep these settings for the future but the website can technically function without them.

Third Party cookies are typically used by external tools or services which offer the website improved functionality - often in areas such as website analytics or links to social media websites.


ITW Industry Essential Cookies

- Member Login. This is only used if the user logs into the ITW Industry website and is used to authenticate that user.


ITW Industry Non Essential Cookies

- Segment Choice. This is an option on the ITW Industry website which ensures the user only sees the content relevant to them.


ITW Industry Third Party Cookies

- Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google to monitor website statistics, which is necessary in order to develop the ITW Industry website based on user browsing habits. No personal information is stored by the service. For more information visit the Google Privacy Policy:

 - Addthis. This is a service provided by Addthis Inc and is used to allow users to quickly share content from the ITW Industry website to social networks. The service operates on 14 million websites worldwide and stores no personal information about you. For more information visit the Addthis Privacy Policy and Data Practices:

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