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Roof truss nailplate

For over 40 years Gang-Nail have been the industry 's provider of the Gang-Nail® galvanised steel connector plate, used primarily in the manufacture of prefabricated roof trusses.

GN plates

Connector plates are used to produce rigid, distortion free joints of strength greater than any other form of timber jointing. This strength, plus the greater resistance to rust given by the use of galvanised steel, ensures a greater life-cycle. With modern methods of construction, prefabricated trusses provide added value towards the overall build process by reducing the time required on site.

Special applications of use:
• Frames
• Potato boxes
• Cases & Crates
• Pallets
• Fencing Applications
• Storage Racking
• Pipe & Cable Guards
• Spacers for Machinery Transportation

Field Splice Plates
Available in three sizes, Field Splice Plates are used to connect a top hat truss to it’s base truss. These plates are part punched nails which are pressed into the base truss at the factory, and part holes to allow for nailing into the top hat truss on site with conventional hammer and nails, or with a powered positive placement nailer such as ITW Industry’s Impulse PPN35i.

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