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Roof truss systems

Alpine & Gang-Nail roof trusses are designed and manufactured by licenced fabricators. Major components of both systems are their software packages for designing, estimating, costing, quoting, detailing and cutting of roof trusses. ITW Industry can supply an extensive range of machinery for roof truss manufacture from manual to CNC saws, presses, jigging and materials handling equipment.

Trussed rafters are today's preferred choice of roof construction for domestic housing and are increasingly favoured for commercial & industrial developments such as offices, shops, hotels and leisure centres.

The popularity of trussed rafters is in part thanks to their compatibility with a variety of construction methods including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. Furthermore, strict design and fabrication standards ensure that Alpine trussed rafters are consistently highly-engineered. They also benefit from superior flexibility and cost effectiveness over many other methods of roof construction.

The timber construction of trussed rafters is ideal for the environmentally conscious as timber the only truly renewable building resource. Timber construction also benefits from higher thermal efficiency than alternative materials such as aluminium, steel, or concrete.

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