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SpaceRafter - Value Open Web Rafter Solution

The SpaceRafter metal web rafter system follows on from the SpaceJoist system, using the same metal webs in its construction.

SpaceRafter’s metal web design provides deep insulation voids to increase thermal performance, long clear spans which may eliminate internal load bearing walls and a lightweight construction for easy handling on site, often without the need for specialist equipment.

The system can be constructed off-site as a roof cassette at the factory. Known as SpaceRafter Cassette, this room in the roof panel solution saves time, reduces costs and improves health and safety. Hinged roof panels made offsite improves build times onsite. Fast build times reduces labour, crane hire and scaffolding costs. The system improves health & safety with a safe working platform to work from.

Features & Benefits

Long spans: Longer clear spans than solid timber can be achieved, requiring fewer intermediate supports - saving time on site.

Cassettes: Available in cassettes to increase construction speed on site.

Hinge: Butterfly cassettes available with a hinged ridge and eaves connectors to eliminate ridge beams - saving time and improving health & safety.

Versatile: Can be used on both residential and commercial buildings

Thermal performance: Rigid, blown or quilt insulation can be fitted inside voids to improve thermal efficiency.

Home grown: Can be manufactured with home grown timber to reduce carbon impact.

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