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In 2004 ITW implemented a dedicated unit in Barsbuttel, near Hamburg, Germany, to design and manufacture automated fastening systems, leveraging the many years of experience accumulated by Paslode, Duo-Fast, Haubold and Kartro in this field. This encompasses the development of the quiet, controlled “Pusher” fastening technology from Kartro and the “Module III” from Haubold which can drive staples up to 150mm in length.

Optimised design

Toolmatic tools are specifically designed from the outset to be incorporated in automated production lines of all leading machine builders. This provides optimal performance, little to no downtime for reloading, fast interchanging of tools and more. However, we recognise that on some low volume production lines, a modified hand held tool can still provide a satisfactory automation solution, so we continue to offer such tools in our range.

Modular system
Our Toolmatic equipment is developed in a modular form. The range of five core pneumatic power units can be teamed with seven loading mechanisms, providing many options to suit a variety of applications.

The power unit range can drive the following fasteners:

  • Nails collated on Duo-Fast 0° plastic coils
  • Nails collated on Paslode PL (Paper Laminated) tape
  • Nails collated on wire welded coils
  • Corrugated fasteners
  • Light, medium and heavy gauge staples
  • Brads / finish nails and headless pins

This approach makes Toolmatic suitable for all manner of applications from packaging, furniture & pallet making to timber frame manufacturing - even incorporating robot magazine replenishment for very high volume lines.

Research & development
Our overall objective is to fully understand the requirements of each production line, working with both machine builder and the client to find the best solution. We believe that we achieve this with our dedicated Toolmatic design and manufacturing unit which can tailor tools to suit specific fastening stations.

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