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Truss labels

ITW Industry supports either preprinted truss labels, or printers to print the truss labels which are fixed to each truss.

Preprinted truss labels

EN 14250, the product code for trussed rafters requires that each structural member shall be clearly marked to show at least the following:

  • Identification of the producer
  • Job and batch identification
  • Reference to EN 14250

Truss Labels are a simple solution, also allowing other important information such as the truss reference in relation to the drawing to be added. The VIEW software allows customisation of the label to include the producer and trade association logos together with the following additional fields:

  • Customer
  • Truss reference
  • Delivery
  • Timber Grade
  • Truss Span
  • Pitch
  • Weight per ply

The labels are attached to the truss by positioning one corner under the peak connector plate before pressing. The labels are printed using wax/resin thermal transfer technology onto a weather & tear resistant material to ensure long life and compliance with the EN code.

Label printer

label printer.jpgITW Industry recommends the "Toshiba Tec B-SA4TM" label Printer and necessary consumables to allow customers to print their own labels. The label printers are set up on our customer's networks as part of our I.T. support.

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