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Why automate the fastening process?

Migrating the fabrication process offsite and performing it under factory conditions is a response to the need to control and reduce costs, whilst also leading to quality improvements that enhance the marketability of the end product.


  • Eurocode 5 requires tighter manufacturing controls for timber frame buildings which automation provides, and subsequently improves quality and consistency.
  • Toolmatic can position fasteners precisely to achieve optimum design loads and cost efficiency.
  • More accurate placement and embedment of fasteners improves the appearance of finish applications like exterior cladding and plasterboard sheathing.
  • Similar benefits can be obtained in the manufacture of packing cases, furniture, sheds and fences.

Health & safety

  • Automated manufacturing processes reduce the risk of industrial accidents, RSI and manual lifting injuries.
  • The new 800 series Toolmatics with “Pusher” technology operates much more quietly providing an improved working environment.

Labour turnover

  • Automation reduces manning levels by replacing simple repetitive tasks with more satisfying machine control operations, reducing staff retention problems.

Space Utilisation

  • Automation provides the opportunity to optimise production processes and factory routing.

Higher productivity

  • Automation improves productivity, measurable both per employee and per factory square metre.
  • Links to software such as hsbCAD reduces setup time.

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