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Why choose Toolmatic?

Toolmatic brings major benefits in reliablility, durability, high speed and long service intervals. We provide onsite Toolmatic training and service with our mobile service mechanics and offer spare part kits specific to each tool. We work continually to advance the Toolmatic range, working with our customers to develop areas that will be of most benefit to the production process.

  • Toolmatic tools are designed specifically for automation with only one air feed and one power line to attach. This simplifies attachment and eliminates the mess of wires required for modified hand tools.
  • Toolmatic modular construction allows us to create a solution geared to the precise requirements of each production line, from a wide range of optional features and fastener systems. This maximises productivity, whilst eliminating the cost of unnecessary features.
  • Toolmatic tools re-cycle exhaust air to cool the bumper (1). This enables faster fastening rates and reduces maintenance requirements.
  • Toolmatic tools feature large air reservoirs to prevent choking at high fastening rates. This prevents miss-fires or inconsistent embedment depths. Higher fastening rates reduces the number of tools required per station / bridge.
  • Toolmatic pistons are PTFE/copper alloy sealed, requiring no lubrication and ensuring clean operation (2). This eliminates maintenance downtime, reduces wear & tear and avoids damage.
  • Toolmatic tools can be equipped with onboard magazine and miss-fire sensors monitoring the nailing process. These enable our customers to guarantee high quality and consistency, eliminating re-working or rejection of finished product.
  • All mechanical characteristics are designed to extend service intervals. Increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Toolmatic tools are supplied “ready to mount”, with appropriate mounting brackets (3). No unnecessary time or cost is wasted.
  • Toolmatic solutions include the ability to fire from all angles, including upside down. Our tools can therefore be designed round the production process rather than re-engineering the line to suit the tool.

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